Crottin de Chavignol goat cheeseInventiveness, tradition, audacity, and know-how : mix well to obtain an excellent definition of the cuisine of Centre, from the Loire Valley to Berry, passing through Beauce and Sologne on the way.

At the center of local gastronomy, goat cheese comes in five different AOC variations followed by an exceptional choice of wines whose diversity and authenticity really shine. All are quality wines, born of know-how and a long viticultural tradition, such as Sauvignon, Cabernet, or pinot noir.

Deer and boar are commonly available during the hunting season, while fruit and vegetable make their way into the recipes of local diners.
The famous Tarte Tatin, which originated in Sologne in the 1880s, is made with caramelised apples and now one of France’s most widely recognised desserts.